Fn Fal for Sale – Semi-Automatic Rifle with Super Accuracy (700 rpm)



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Fn Fal for Sale

The most widely used battle rifle in history Fn Fal for sale is a 7.61x51mm NATO cartridge chambered gun. The right arm of the free world Fn Fal has a fire rate of 650-700 rounds per minute. This famous and on field performant offers 25-30 detachable box magazine and have the variations of 50 round drum magazines.

Fn Fal or Fusil Automatique Léger belongs to FN Herstal arms family. Fn Fal for sale is adopted and used by over 90 of the countries including Belgium, Argentina, Mexico, Israel, United States, India, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and many other. Firstly, developed in late 1940s and still it is found in the hands of elite military.

The Fn Fal for sale, right arm of the free world, is a semi-automatic rifle that operates by the means of gas operated action. Tilting breechblock is responsible for the lock mechanism in this legendary rifle. The rifle grenades and manual operation is supported by piston system using the plug.

Fn Fal for sale allows its user to either house recoil spring in folding stock or in the stock depending upon the variations. The suboptimal iron sight and the front element of the sight line are attached for better precision and accuracy. Light and heavy barrel systems are supported for automatic fires; most of the heavy barrels have attached bipods. In full automatic mode, shooters receive some disturbing sounds and offers effective marginal shooting. The most widely used battle rifle worth your hands.


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Technical Data:

Caliber – 7.62×51 mm NATO

Length – 1090 mm

Barrel Length – 533 mm

Weight – 4.45 kg

Magazine capacity – 25 / 30 / Round Magazine

Rate of Fire – 600-700 rds/mind

Fore Sight – Post

Rear Sight – Aperture, Sliding

Muzzle velocity – 840 m/s

Operating System – Gas, selective fire

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