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Kimber 45 for Sale

The Kimber 45, the world’s finest pistol, is unique and untouchable in its craftsmanship. Kimber 45 is renowned for its hair-splitting accuracy. Kimber 45, to ensure quality and unmatchable standard, does not trust anybody but its own workshop where every minor components is yielded to deliver excellent finish to itself. This legendary sidearm offers different features and finishes in its variations. Kimber 45 offers a maximum of 10 Round magazine capacity.

Kimber 45 for sale, the most accurate and dependable pistol, has DNA of Kimber Manufacturing, Inc. Kimber .45 has been famous from last 20 years in different forces. Kimber 45 for sale is the favorite side arm of LAPD SWAT, OCSD SWAT and USMC Force Recon.

The customary Kimber 45 is a full sized semi-automatic pistol chambered .45 ACP. Kimber 45 is the most usual, common and famous variant of Kimber 1911. It also offers thumb safety for safe and tight handling. Slide serrations also improvises the user’s ability to pull the slide back for loading and clearing the action. The stainless steel slide and frames improves accuracy.

The Kimber 45 also features lowered ejection port, beveled magazine well, custom trigger and beavertail grip safety. Kimber 45 has a white dot rear sight and red fibre-optic front sight for better aim and rapid target acquisition. The improvisation in controlling and holding for hand positioning is supported by cocobolo laminated grips. Kimber 45 is one of the finest and best handgun, it should operate your gun rack!


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Technical Data:

Caliber – .45 ACP

Length – 8.7 inch

Width – 1.33 inch

Height – 5.3 inch

Barrel Length – 5 inch

Weight – 38.00 ounces

Magazine capacity – 7 / 8 / 10 Round Magazine

Firing System – Single Action

Front Sight – Red Fibre-Optic

Rear Sight – White Dot

Slide Material – Stainless Steel

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