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Taurus G2c for Sale

Taurus G2c, a striker 9mm handgun, has set standards for for concealed carry sidearms. Taurus G2c is an excellent choice in compact guns when it comes to price in its competitors. Reliability and Durability is Taurus Gc2’s promise which has never been broken down, This light-weighted compact handgun, Taurus G2c offers 10 to 12 rounds magazine capacity.

This Brazilian little magician, Taurus G2c, has blood of Forjas Taurus in its veins. Forjas Taurus fires has echoed    around the globe as its customers reside all across the world and, federal agencies, law enforcement services love to equip it as their sidearms.

The leader in concealed carry handguns, Taurus G2c is a semi-automatic, 21-ounce light weighted, compact striker. One of its geniuses is its reversible magazine release which allows it to operate fast magazine interchange. The comfort and balance is delivered by its compactness of polymer frame. At ready performance and on point targets are quickened by the installation of 9mm Luger in it.

Taurus G2c strike fire and single action trigger system enhances its retake capability. Taurus G2c also features 3-dot sight system for better aim, an integral Picatinny tail for aftermarkets, manual safety and trigger safety for extra level of security and prevention of accidental discharge. Taurus G2c for sale provides comfort for conceal carry, and it is unmatchable in this aspect.


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Technical Data:

Caliber – 9mm Luger

Length – 6.25 inch

Width – 1.25 inch

Height – 5 inch

Barrel Length – 3.25 inch

Weight – 22.2 oz

Magazine capacity – 10 Rounds Magazine

Firing System – Striker

Front Sight – Night Sight

Rear Sight – Drift Adjustable Night Sight

Frame Material – Polymer

Slide Material – Stainless Steel

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