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Taurus Th9 for Sale

Taurus Th9 for sale, a 9mm Luger hand gun is renowned as the modern reinvention of the classic hammer-fired SA/DA semi auto horizon. Taurus Th9 is an affordable choice and a budget gun. The ultra-dependable and well equipped Th9 is good at fulfilling its high efficiency promises. This modern adaptation of classical blueprint, Taurus Th9 offers 17 rounds magazine capacity.

This Brazilian budget magician, Taurus Th9 for salehas blood of Forjas Taurus in its veins. Forjas Taurus fires has echoed around the globe as its customers reside all across the world and, federal agencies, law enforcement services love to equip it as their sidearms.

The affordable and budget Taurus Th9 for sale is a semi-automatic, 9mm Luger, stainless steel barrel made handgun. Taurus Th9 offers both compact and full sized variations, The improvisation in controlling and holding and comfortability for hand positioning is supported by side-frame Novak Adjustable drifts at front and back sights.

The comfort and balance is delivered by its compactness of polymer frame. At ready performance and on point targets are quickened by the installation of 9mm Luger in it. Taurus Th9 double action and single action trigger system enhances its retake capability. Taurus Th9 also features firing pin block, manual safety and loaded chamber indicator for extra level of security and prevention of accidental discharge. Taurus Th9 for sale is a budget handgun which worth a shot.


Technical Data:

Caliber – 9mm Luger

Length – 6.85 inch

Width – 1.30 inch

Height – 5.16 inch

Barrel Length – 3.54 inch

Weight – 25.00 oz

Magazine capacity – 17 Rounds Magazine

Firing System – Hammer

Front Sight – Novak Adjustable Drift

Rear Sight – Novak Adjustable Drift

Frame Material – Polymer

Slide Material – Stainless Steel

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