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Best Colt Cobra gun deals in the USA – From Classic to Night

The fabled snake is back in the spotlight! My Premium Gun Shop now features the Colt Cobra for sale, following on the heels of Colt’s splashy comeback to its famous six-shooters. The new series signals the renaissance of the original Cobra that was so popular among revolver fans in the past century. Now it’s upgraded, and you can’t miss out on what the remake has to offer.

Take a look at Classic, Bright, Colt 357 Magnum, and Night pistols as the top picks in the reintroduced series. Our Colt Cobra gun deals are here to strike your fancy with affordable single-action and double-action six-shooters. Most of them are designed to fire .38 SPL, yet you can also go for a wider power range with the formidable Magnum revolver. It’s a mighty beast that fires .357 MAG.
The series also unveils souped-up frame finishes. Whether you choose sleek matte black or stainless steel with a wooden appeal, your Cobra will always sport a powerful look. While it may feel nostalgic for seasoned shooters, it’s sure to be a new favorite for first-time Cobra owners.

Buy Colt Cobra revolvers for ultimate concealability

Fancy a concealed-carry handgun? The Colt Cobra is one of the best options out there. Most revolvers in this series are only 25 oz in weight (with Magnum weighing 28 oz), making them easy to carry in belt, purse, and even ankle holsters.
Short-barrel designs certainly improve your carrying experience. At 2 inches, they are compact enough to have on you without sticking out.
With concealability in mind, you can also buy a Colt Cobra revolver for self-defense. All the pistols listed in the assortment are easy to keep out of sight and use in high-stress scenarios.

Concealed delivery for your concealed-carry revolver

At My Premium Gun Shop, you can order the Colt Cobra online in the USA without background checks and hard-to-get documents. That’s because we care about your discreet experience.
If you’re of legal age, select any revolver from the Colt Cobra series and leave your special shipping notes. We will take heed of your preferences to ensure 100% discreet delivery.

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