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Henry Rifles for Sale

The iconic basis for Winchester Rifles, Henry Rifles for sale is the 1860 legend which bewitched the shooters of its times, basically developed for its use at Battle of the Little Bighorn. Its ultra reliability and its quality of 16-shot rifle named it as “the rifle you could load on Sunday and shoot all week long.” The days when rifles were providing only 3-shots capacity, Henry Rifles delivered unbelievable experience and unstoppable shooting to marksmen. Henry Rifles for sale offers 16-shot round capacity with quick reloading quality.

The legendary and 1860 Henry Rifles for sale was designed by Benjamin Taylor Henry. Henry Rifles has its own legends to narrate as it has participated in wars like American Civil War, Indian Wars and January Uprising. Henry Rifles has served as many nations as United States, Confederate States, Polish National Government, Native Americans, Bisons Hunters, Metis, Blackbirders and Cowboys. Henry Rifles provide such class that cowboys has their tales to tell.

The iconic and legendary Henry Rifles for sale is a sixteen shot breech loading lever-action rifle which is chambered in .44 caliber rimfire. The exceptional high rate of fire is supported by the brass receiver which no other rifle provided at that time. The cartridges are made of brass and with black power on it which gives it significant lower muzzle velocity and energy.

The cocking of the hammer and ejection of the spent cartridge is supported through the lever-action. The Henry today comes with transfer bar safety to incorporate safety mechanism which lacked in initial models. The legendary and predecessor of Winchester Rifles, Henry Rifles for sale has its quality which has never seen in other rifles so it is ideal for your trials and shooting. It also does not let your privacy be compromised.


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Technical Data:

Caliber – .44 Rimfire

Length – 44.75 inch | 113 cm

Barrel Length – 24 inch | 61 cm

Weight – 9.4 lb | 4.2 kg

Magazine capacity – 15 Round Tubular Magazine

Action – breech-loading Lever-Action

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