CZ Scorpion

CZ Scorpion for sale

Finally available for public consumption is the much anticipated CZ Scorpion for sale sub-gun. Imported as a pistol, it is a blowback-operated semi-auto in 9mm with a short 7¾” barrel. Also, Open sights ride on an 11” Picatinny rail perfect for mounting optics. Since 2016, Scorpion Pistols feature 1/2×28 threads hidden underneath the factory flash-hider. This therefore means users can fit either 1/2×28 or 18×1 accessories to the muzzle. Also added is a QD sling swivel pocket integrated into the rear sling attachment point.

Simple and reliable, the CZ Scorpion for sale not only has ambidextrous controls. its non-reciprocating charging handle is swappable and reach to the trigger is adjustable.

Furthermore, with the wealth of accessories and attachments available for the Scorpion platform, You have easy customization done with a number of braces, grips, forends, magazines, safeties, mag releases, charging handles and triggers. All designed specifically for the EVO 3 platform.

The most impressive stat on the Scorpion for sale Pistol is the price tag! Current production Scorpion pistols lack the 3/4″ sling slot on the left side of the action. Which is present on earlier variants.

The CZ Scorpion for sale EVO 3 S1 Pistol is legally classified by the ATF as a pistol. And also intended to be used as a pistol. Users of the CZ Scorpions for sale EVO 3 S1 Pistol bear the sole responsibility for ensuring their use of the firearm complies with all local, state, and federal firearms laws.