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MAC 10 for sale

For roughly a 20-year period from the mid-1970s to the mid-’90s the MAC 10 for sale submachine gun was everywhere. At least that’s what you might think if your only exposure to the weapon is action films and T.V. shows from the era. The compact MAC-10 first registered in America’s collective imagination when John Wayne wielded one. This, with lethal prowess in the 1974 police thriller McQ.

After that, the MAC 10 for sale became a standard prop gun. The MAC-10’s manufacturer, Military Armament Corporation, had hoped to become a leader in the growing market for military and police submachine guns. However, despite the gun’s popularity among movie producers, it never really caught on with professional operators. A handful of forces and agencies gave the MAC-10 a try.

The MAC 10 for sale, however, maintained its iconic status in American pop culture through the 1990s. Even though street gangs and drug cartels were, by then, its primary users. The final model is an unrefined, boxy little gun the size of a pistol. Depending on who you ask, the MAC-10 is, technically speaking, a machine pistol rather than a submachine gun.

Measuring only 267-millimeters in length with its wire stock collapsed, the MAC 10 for sale is easy to conceal and handy in close-quarters combat. attributes that could be particularly appealing to special operators and law enforcement. Also, the grip is centered in the body of the gun to provide some balance. The gun was originally available in two calibers — .45 ACP and nine-by-19 millimeter. A 30- or 32-round magazine, depending on the caliber, inserts into the base of the grip. Later models and variants accepted .380- and even .22-caliber ammunition.

Mac 10 for sale

The gun originally operated with an open bolt system with a cocking handle on the top of the upper receiver. The open-bolt design dictated the seemingly odd placement of the cocking handle, which made it impossible to add an optics rail to the weapon. Not that a notorious lead-spray like the MAC-10 would benefit from optics. Closed-bolt models of the mac 10 for sale, with cocking handles on the side, came later. The stubby barrel has trademark grooves at its base near the receiver so the user can twist on a suppressor.

The MAC 10 for sale is not without its charms. Its simple but sturdy design makes it reliable and durable. It can also throw a lot of lead — in a hurry. Both the .45-caliber and nine-millimeter versions fire at a minimum cyclical rate of 950 rounds per minute. By comparison, the M-16 and AK-47 have cyclic rates of approximately 800 rounds per minute. Durability and a high rate-of-fire are admirable qualities in a firearm. But a weapon also needs to be functional and, hopefully, versatile. It has to perform in the field, preferably in multiple scenarios.

The suppressor potentially made the weapon more attractive to special operators by adding stability and cutting down on muzzle report. Despite possible issues with the MAC-10’s accuracy, there was still some interest in the weapon among military and police forces. When Ingram’s MAC 10 for sale caught the attention of U.S. military officials, he began looking for investors to fund mass production of the weapon, which led to the formation of the Military Armament Corporation.

Combining Military Armament Corporation’s acronym MAC with the Ingram’s “Model-10” designation for the gun gave the MAC-10 its popular name.

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