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Walther PPQ M2 for Sale

The semi-automatic, Walther PPQ M2, comes in almost all caliber and chamberings, stands for Police Pistol Quick Defence. The most versatile, Walther PPQ M2 is genuinely effective, comfortable, elegant, advanced and efficient. The critically acclaimed, Walther PPQ M2, is the occupier of best striker-fired trigger. Walther PPQ M2 offers a maximum of 15 round magazine capacity.

The Walther PPQ M2 for sale has the blood of Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen in its veins. Walther is highly regarded, respected for safety, reliability of its products. Walther PPQ M2 for sale was developed for law enforcement, security forces and for civilian defence and shooting. Walther PPQ M2 won the testing in 2015 in Taiwan to become the Taiwan Police Standard handgun.

The Taiwan Police Standard sidearm, Walther PPQ M2 is a full sized, semi automatic pistol which offers 9 mm chambering. Exceptional Ergonomics and balance allows this handgun to point on target and to stay on target with consistency and speed. The steel slide and matte black coating provides extreme resistance to wear and corrosion. Rear serrations also improvises the user’s ability to pull the slide back for loading and clearing the action.

The comfort and balance is delivered by its compactness of non-textured polymer frame. The Walther PPQ M2 comes with 3 interchangeable backstraps that provides a solid look and ultimate control to shooters. The tactical flashlights or laser sights can be attached onto integrated Picatinny accessory tail. Walther PPQ M2 for sale has 3 dot, low profile sights for better aim with minimal interference, and an adjustable rear sight for windage. Lets try the standard sidearm of Taiwan Police. 


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Technical Data:

Caliber – 9mm

Length – 7.1 inch

Width – 1.3 inch

Height – 5.3 inch

Barrel Length – 4 inch

Weight – 24.5 (without magazine)

Magazine capacity – 14 Round Magazine

Action – Strike

Sights – 3 Dots Adjustable

Trigger Pull –5.6 LBS

Frame Material – Polymer

Slide Material – Stainless Steel




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